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A girl that smells like she took a shower in SHIT and like a Dead fish!!
Did you see that girl summer she is such a fucking Sket
by Aeropostale February 06, 2009
8 15
Short for skettle.
See also chavette.
by Goffboy's Dictionary on Life June 29, 2005
38 45
no-one knows what it actually means but people use it anyway, I mean, what is the point of calling someone that when it doesn't mean anything at all?
some random person minding his/her own business.
Moron: Oi, F***in sket!
Random person: Erm..what?
Moron:you f***in heard me! I said you're a sket!
Random person: what does that even mean?
Moron: I don't know
Random person: well why even say it if you don't know what it means?
Random Person: whatever, just shove off and bug someone else
by BansheeRaven666 March 18, 2009
9 18
A sket is a word for a bitch who is more sluttier than a whore. A sket will have sex for anything...e.g.. money,drugs.
Skets giv out free blowjobs....&&.....are fucCin filled up wiff HiV/Aids....
dhass why dheyy asss''s hav free mu-fukin sex......
Nabelah Ahmed sket
Slapper sket
Slag sket
Ho' Bag
Cheap Prosstitute
Puzzy Asz Hoez
Dirty HIV Gurl/Boy
by L-dizzle baebee January 06, 2009
8 19
A slutty girl in year 10 called prue. changed eerything, goes behind peoples backs and does what she can to get what she wants.
1- your such a sket
2- what !? i'm not prue..
1- lol?
2- yehh.. your looking for her *points away*
by adam dedman December 31, 2008
4 16
a scotish prostitute (the chav version)
oy.. ya dirty sket and that is so not worth the money were total skets
by bekabell January 16, 2008
6 19
the past tense of skeet, based off the logic that the past tense of meet is met.
After many hours of endurance in the bedroom, Keith finally sket on Katie's face last night.

She wanted it so badly yesterday that I pulled it out and sket on those sweater puppets.
by Bubba C January 08, 2008
5 21