Scarred worried
Yo, this hook skerds white peeps
by phizz March 28, 2003
Top Definition
Scared, Frightened
Is you skerd?
by Havoc June 22, 2003
The ghetto slang for the word scared
Im not skerd of u Halee!!
by Nick "not skerd" Ridgeway September 08, 2010
Someone (usually a girl, but may be a boy), who is both a nerd, and a sket.

They try to be popular by dating loads of guys and having sex with anyone who has a dick, not caring who it is and just thinking them as "walking sex", but at the end of the day they're just nerds trying to act cool.
They may be intelligent, nice-looking girls, but they'd do anything to be popular. Sort of strange suck-ups!
'Ugh, I hate that Megan girl. She's such a Skerd!'

'You little Skerd!!'
by amazing weirdo girl <3 July 08, 2014
Also see Skurrd, Hurruh and Over Therruh

Dallas's way of deforming words to separate themselves from other Texas cities.
'You skurrd? why you skurrd? dont be skurrd?'
by Dont-Be-Skurrd June 12, 2004
The way black people say "scared" because they don't know proper grammar. And they're black.
"I aint skerd a you crackas" said the nigger.

made by zach, tyler, and kyle
by zachzk14 January 18, 2011
Word used to describe a skater nerd hence a skerd.
Wow I cant believe that skerd just pulled off that trick!
by Sammi May 26, 2005
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