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Can be pronounced multiple ways - common variations:
- "Ess-Keg"
- "Skeh-Gah"
- "Skeh-Gar"

An incredible individual with the following characteristics;

A. Intelligence
B. Strength
C. Chiseled good looks
D. The ability to make big hs's.

A very original nick name, one of a kind.
A. Wow, great answer I didn't know you were such an intelligent guy 'Skega.'

B. Look! 'Skega' is benching a tyrannosaurus rex.

C. Is that 'Skega' I'd love to share him with my girlfriends in a crazy night of intricate love making.

D. Huge effort! what a hs from 'Skega' only he could do that!
by Johnothan MxCkenzie June 15, 2008

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