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anything that can be nasty or deragatory. It's a sentence enhancer, you can replace it for almost anything. Usually is used for talking about farting or replacing the "S" word.

"Sorry guys i used all of the toilet paper because i had to take a major skeff."

"Dude, I have been skeffing all day, maybe i should go take a crap."

"My dog skeffed all over the floor because i forgot to take him outside."
by mike oxtoobig December 25, 2009
The lifestyle choice when an individual realizes they are better than their peers.
Dan: "I have decided to be skeff."
Mark: "Why?"
Dan: "Because I've realized I'm better than you."
by Launde October 06, 2011
someone who acts or dresses like a dickhead, prik, wasteman or pussy
dont dont rude blud i aint no skeff u know
by PK Mercle July 23, 2008
To wipe your Guche/Gooch on an object or person!
Oh man, I totally skeffed my boss's telephone mouthpiece before I quit my job!
by Rich Squires January 24, 2008
(Noun)-An extremely scallified townie minger who it should be made legal to shoot on sight
A crackhead scally with a pikey father & mother from essex related to (in some way) everyone in their area code!
by Babdale December 10, 2003