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a group of attractive females; or a group of females that would easily engage in sexual activities
Any skeet skeet skeeterbops gonna be at this party tonight?
by BlackJason May 07, 2006

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A skeeter bop is a slutty girl. 'Skeeter' refers to the fact that she makes a man cum then 'bops' onto the next guy.
"She is such a little skeeter bop dude!"
"Kandi is such a whore. She is just a skeeter bop"
by SkeeterBopPatrol October 01, 2009
methaphetamine, crack or cocain
i did some skeeter bop last night and got fucked up.
by Bethany Rohm December 03, 2003
A Very young girl who is Sprung. Usually 16 and under, and is DTF.
"Yo i'm about to pick up this skeeterbop, and get some"
by inforamnt November 11, 2009