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typically a female that a male searches for, when all else has failed and last call has been called.

a women that you instantly know you have to double wrap your tool.
"hey its last call, lets find a skeeser and get outta here"

"lets fuck some skeesers tonight"

"that skeeser has a tight body, but her face is fucked up, im gonna do her anyway"

"dude, im wasted, im gonna nail a skeeser"
by angry irish January 01, 2007
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Someone who embeds themselves into others lives, pathetically claiming friendship and uses those people for his/her own benefit
John only wants to hang out with D and not Wes because D has a car and Wes does not. But neither of them want to hang out with him anyways, John is such a skeeser.
by Waffles16 January 28, 2006

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