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Skaterosexual : ska-tero-sex-ual (sKa-t'r0-sk'sh-l) n. A person who is sexually attracted to and/or is obsessed with skate fashion trends, but doesn't hang out with skaters or actually skate.

Synonyms : urban-metrosexual, 20 sumtin' raver/clubber, 15 sumtin' snowboarder.

Antonyms : skate rat, ollie hole.

Translations : (JAPAN) Fauxrelle / (GERMAN) Svinksta' / (GREEK) Limitopoulos / (RUSSIAN) HesBee Knockotovz

This new sub species, closely related to the poser, has very similar midrocondrial DNA markers...but has only found out about the skateboarding arts by googling Nike SB's on-line ...
Use 1 : I'm such a skaterosexual man; too much disposable income, check me out.

Use 2 : I can't wear this's so skatero; it's way too styzeeee or commonly worn by stars.
by kevin090 December 11, 2007
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