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skate untill death do us part. just a saying.
skate or die brah frootbooters suck.
by SkateZero March 03, 2005
a phrase originally used by hardcore skaters back in the day, which is now blindly used by posers who think they're cool.
In the 80s, "Skate or Die" was tattooed on millions of skaters.
Today, millions of posers and people that think they are cool shout "Skate or Die" to increase pointless popularity.
by Clay1 January 03, 2008
1) an old 8 bit video game
2) what some drugged out skater says to you at gun point
3) an elite poster at TFO
Dude, so I was playing Skate or Die on my old nintendo, when suddenly Vince, that poser skater came in, and he was like all trippin' on shrooms and pulled a blade on me. So, he like handed me his board, and I had to think fast, so I was like "what would SkateorDie do?" So then I threw this awesome 180 spin kick, and like totally knocked the sucka out cold.
by Minnie-thehappy-smurf March 02, 2004
a phrase that is used by poseurs, jocks,wiggers, and all other kinds of people that don't even skate that is directed towards people that do skate in order to look like they can skate within their "possy"
person skating

wigger: skate or die!!!!!

person rolls eyes

Wigger whispers to possy: Man i am so cool
by rowrowrowyourboat April 11, 2007
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