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German for FAGS. Usually have sex before skate bording.
Derek: hey Scofield, want to skate today
Drake: Ya Gail, after i suck you're dick and blow in your mouth.
by dredfurst April 02, 2007
to be a complete dickhead, and ruin all bmxers fun at skateparks with the whole "I'ts called a skatepark for a reason" bullshit
Dickhead: lets go skate!
Me: fuck no, skatings for pansys, and tossers who need to compensate for something (if u know what I mean, and I think you do)
by jimmy smith May 06, 2005
Basically, it means the word cool.
Dude, thats so skate!
Nah, thats completly nonskate.
by JennQ March 13, 2005