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Street version of Namaskar - a spiritual greeting to confirm each others' divine nature. An acknowledgment between one's brothers and sisters of the world.
"Skar bro! Haven't seen ya for time!"

"See ya later, Mahabhaktijii! Skar!".
by Prem March 21, 2005 kill someone with the use of an explosive
1. AHH! My leg. bro you were just skarred.
#skar #skarred #bomb #terrorist #mexico
by rachel k. September 17, 2007
The result of improper oral given to one "Watchdogg"

Action: To bite while cheating on husband
* Lisa is taken Watchy to dinner one night

<Lisa> roflmao *cough* scar
by RevoLt March 25, 2003
when a goth decides to drop his/her/its label, they become a skar. it makes sense too, if you think about it.. when goths cut themselves, they get left with scars, and in one way or another, after they end there craze with being a goth, they are kinda scarred for life.. and they OBVIOUSLY thought it was cool to replace the 'c' in scar with 'k', making them the oh-so kewl Skars.
'I was once a goth, but now a kewl skar.'
#what is left of a once before goth #taken from the word scar #meant to be a cool thing to be #i find it to be very lame #apparently it's a very meaningful label
by Gum November 07, 2005
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