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1. Someone who is cheap; a dirty whore.
Frank's mom is such a skankwad, she'll fuck anything that walks.
by Shenanay Chao August 12, 2006
1 NOUN: A person normally female who is beyond just a skank. Someone who has all the elements of a skank, except they are concentrated and intensified, or in a wad.
2 Adj: A Skank beyond normal proportions.
Wow dat hoe is a fuckin skank wad
Hey look it's skank wad, why the hell is she here
by Colin Hurd February 27, 2008
basically a sexually promiscuous girl who bangs everyone who is willing to look her way, usually accosiated with drugs, alcohol and pimps
"ehmagawd, look at the skirt that chick is wearing!"
person 2: "yah, like, i heard she was with joey AND tommy AND zach yesterday in the locker room"
person 1: "ehmagawd, what a skankwad"
by erica October 05, 2004

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