~a girl who is a skank and is good at it
~she also will try to hang out with the guys that are known to b ganstas and tries to b lyk them..therefore...she is a skank and a gansta
~skank + gansta = skanksta
~it cood b used to joke around with or as an insult, but it is most commonly used as a joke with friends
sarah - becca ur such a skanksta
becca - yeah i noe haha
by Becky aka Becca aka Justin May 29, 2003
One who is good at being a skank.
Jenny and Allison are skankstas!
by John Jacob March 22, 2003
A woman that is a skank; a woman who gives guys head in a jeep with no doors.
Allison is such a skanksta!
by Jenny March 15, 2003
Adj. Combination of the word gangsta and skank but doesn't involve either word. This means when a person loves giving the infamous "titty twisters" or ass smacks for no reason. Once or twice is okay in this culture but this is the person who does it to get joy out of touching other males in heat.
Bob smacked my ass after I walked by him so i yelled at him, "homo". He proceded to cry like a little girl who is realizing that no one loves her.
by Harry Ballsonya November 04, 2004
someone or somethin that is skank and gangsta
that girl was bein a skank up in the club with those pimps
by chelsea December 08, 2004
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