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a girl who is very mean skanky whoreish and slutty.
"Shup up you stupid skankbox!"
by davis77 December 25, 2008
28 7
A girl that has had so many three ways they can not count.
Brandy your such a skank box.
by Jerome-The-Great December 16, 2008
19 2
A girl who is a total slut and sleeps around a lot.
-What did you do last night?
-A couple guys
-You're a skank box!!!
by skankyone December 16, 2008
7 4
a person that is an idiot, skank, whore, bitch, etc.. Once you're in the box, there's no getting out
Jenny is a skankbox
by gotmilf143 October 03, 2010
0 0
A rogue with a rather UNPLEASANT smell coming from their vagina.

Verb (skankboxing) - to stink up the joint as it were

Adj (skankboxing) - One who does nothing about underwear odor
Verb: "Geez, this Vag is really skankboxing up the joint"

Adj: "That skankboxing SOB! now i gotta be here with this smell!"
by ballzonyoface99 February 13, 2010
1 1