A Skankbot is basically another word for somebody who sleeps around.
Sarah is such a Skankbot, she's slept with ten guys in the last month.

Zoe cheated on her man, Skankbot!

Slag Whore Slut
by skankbot! October 24, 2011
Top Definition
A skanky girl that consistantly sluts out at every party, like a bootylicious slut robot
That Jennifer has been at every one of Delta Iota Kappa's parties with a different guy, that skankbot.
by John Castle July 21, 2005
A "skank bot" is a derivitive of the word "skank", with the extension "bot" for emphasis.

This term is used to describe a women who has mild hygiene problems, and sleeps around with many people (usually men and women). Often this women will wear the same thong for a few days strait.
"Dude, my girl had the same panties on two days strait..."

"Sorry man, but that girl shouldn't be YOUR girl anymore...she's a skankbot."
by jpeezy April 20, 2008
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