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the manly love juice;skeet the other white fluid
when i was rubbin one out with my girlfriend;i skeeted in her eye.she said"owwwww my eye", "you skeeted in my eye;at least go for the mouth"..."jane you ignorant trifling bitch";he replied; "whateva,whateva i'll do what i want"
by louie February 06, 2005
A misspelling of skeet. It means to jizz or cum on a girl after you pull out. Or it means when you are taking advantage.
I just sk33ted on you B!TCH

Man! I got sk33ted on these fries!
by -]OvK[-rh@dl3y August 31, 2004
sk33t. hardbody tagger in colonie, wanted by many fast-food resturants. likes to yell yo ma!. he is hardbody and will write skeet all over.
hey take two team!, theres a sk33t tag on that wall
by take two! July 26, 2009
-somethimg that b hotter than hot, skeet is the the hottest you can get

-you use it when u c a fyn azz chiik or a hot azz guy, or when u see a fly azz ryd.

-or just when you see something really hot.
-dayum gurl, u b sk33t azz!!!

-ayo luk at dat guy, he's sk33t azz!!!

-dayum!!! look at dat sk33t ryd!!

-y0 look at dat guyzz green eyezz, they b sk33t azz!!!

by coco babi October 20, 2007