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If you ever get one tell me.
Tiffany,Nicole,Brittany,Amber,and Kayla all had a sixsome with Johnny.
by Johnny2468024680 October 04, 2006
AKA Masturbation, where you have 5 fingers and 1 penis, therefore making a "sixsome".
Michael: I had a sixsome last night!
Ian: Sure, how much KY Jelly did you use? Does it make for good masturbating?
by thelittlefuckerboy December 26, 2009
the best group of friends EVERRR.
person 1: i was soo bored last night.
person 2: i wasnt. i was with the sixsome. and when you're in a sixsome... you are never bored.
by sixsomeperson July 13, 2008
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