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Use this phrase to describe something you did or would like to do a good amount of times. This phrase says "six ways" which represent the six days after Sunday in a week (Monday - Saturday). It can have a positive or negative cannotation depending on the manner in which you use it.
I'd bang that girl six ways from sunday she is vaginamite
by G69 May 11, 2005
Used when there's a lot of possible ways to do something or no ways at all. Can be used in a positive or negative context.
Ex 1) "Oh God, my book project and my homework's due today. Looks like I'm fucked six ways from Sunday."
Ex 2) "You see that bitch right there? I'd fuck her six ways from Sunday."
by drive me to drink March 21, 2016
a numerous amount or alot. Used often to descibe differnt mehods of doing the same thing. i am guessing it came from peole with a bad case of the mondays who think its along time untill they can relax again on sunday. possibly of british origin.
There are six ways from sunday to calculate that physics problem but only one answer.
by RanklyAbused March 25, 2004
Alternative rock band from chicago comprised of members: Francesco Roti, Tim "The Hatter" Hughes, Tony Rock and Jason Moore.
I love that band six ways from Sunday
Let's check out six ways from Sunday's new EP
by Drumrby1585 July 02, 2011
To approach a task with zeal or gusto. To do something thoroughly and completely. See also white on rice.
You know that blonde in class tonight? I'd hit that shit six ways from sunday.
by Mortodo February 05, 2004
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