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A "six lip smile" is what I call it when I bring a woman to climax and/or to come/cum. I named it that because all six of her "lips" are smiling at the same time: the two lips on her face, the two labia major lips, and the two labia minor lips.

2+2+2 = 6 - It's as simple as that.

BTW it is a great pickup line to ask her if she wants a "six lip smile" (most women get it right off the bat, most men can't count like that - so the lady knows that you know what your talking about, especially if you get called on to name the six lips, and you can). After/before you do a combination of a purr & a low growl in a ladies ear ask her if she wants to have some six lip smiles. Sometimes just the growling does it. Hehehehe!
I Love giving her a six lip smile; after that there is nothing she won't do for me. I think she lost count at thirteen, no wait... that's when she gave up counting. LOL! Mmmmmmmmmmm! I remember that night, it was FULL of six lip smiles. Ever since then she hasn't been the same; and I am so glad. Now she spills all over the bed when we make Love.
by IrishDaddy2U April 12, 2010
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