.....and tell me that you love meeeeeeeeee!!
monty python anthem
by zutroy February 12, 2004
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1.) A phrase used when one desires to orally please another.
2.) An assertive lover or drunken one night stand might use this phrase to be direct and to the point of wanting to eat the lucky womans pussy.
Oh baby..you are so hot, I'm dying for you to "sit on my face".
by BoxerNYC March 28, 2008
The annoying habit of a kitty.
Damn it cat, don't sit on my face! I can't breathe.
by ZPhallusY July 28, 2010
A compliment to women, implying they are usually good looking and attractive, but not nessacerily meaning the person whats the female to sit on his face.
"Look at her! Sit on my face alert!"

"Wow, your a bit of a sit on my face arnt you hunny"
by JakeTeamXtreme February 02, 2007
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