a little weak wimpy guy who loves to create drama to make up for sad weak miserable existence. No lifer. A perso whos weak.
vitale is such a sissy. He creates these big dramas to forget about his SAD miserable life.
by drfdr January 13, 2008
A slang word for peeing or tinkling. Sissy is to peing as grumpy is to pooping.
There was to bathroom in sight so she went on the other side of the tree, squatted and took a sissy.
by c-hum June 18, 2006
offensive term to 60 crips (Get shot for saying it)
"You Sissy." (Never say it though)
by paul October 15, 2004
a guy whose a really bitch
adam, adam loved to play tennis with the girls because he was to sissy to play football
by wicked December 04, 2003
A guy who gets out of the bathtub to take a leak.
A guy who takes his chew out before he eats.
Walden is a great big sissy. He steps into the can to scratch his arse.
by Cap'n Bullmoose July 10, 2008
chik who luvs insulty people
sissy writes bout every1 better chek 4 ur name
by sissy July 10, 2004
Sissies are those sensitive people. They won’t eat meat and they cry all the time. Context is for them.
The relationship between sissies and emos is as follows:
sissies = emo
The evidence is compelling.
If you see a sissy, you should beat the crap out of them. It’s good for them. It makes them tough.

Actually it doesn’t, but it’s really funny to listen to them squeal.

If they try to talk to you, cut them off with a firm, "shut up." If they persist, punch them.

It’s a well-known fact that a good knee-to-the-groin will dissuade even the most clingy of sissies.

One of the best insults in existence was derived from the annoying qualities of sissies. It goes as follows:

"____ is for sissies!"


by Kodiac1 December 09, 2006

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