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drankin cough syrup mixed with codeine
straight sippin on syrup
by B Money March 04, 2003
107 50
AKA- Screws
4oz. cough syrup w/codeine
4oz. rum, vodka any hard alcohol
1 jolly rancher

crushed up vicodin in desired
screws, purple drank, syrup, tuss,
"I'm Screwed up? no wonder thangs are in slower motion!"
by trey lee December 08, 2003
96 51
drinking cough syrup ex. tussionex, with codeine in it mixed with sprite or any other beverage. primarily syrup is mixed with sprite
sippin on purple sprite, sippin some tussin, drank, etc
by dave April 29, 2003
69 37
It aint nothin but drankin cough syrup
and get u real tipsy.Also known as sizzurp.
person #1:Nigga what u doin?
person#2:Sippin on that sizzurp.
person #1:Nigga give me some.
by slimthugbabysmama January 26, 2005
59 52