A piece of lead tied to a fishing line to cast futher/ makes the bait go down below those fucked surface dwellers, toads, sweep. Little bait robbin mother fuckers.
fucking toads, they take your bait and puff up like a marshmallow
by Rob February 25, 2004
nuts balls testicals the boys the family jewels
dude he kicked me in the sinkers
by i am da man October 18, 2010
When you need to need to use the washroom and fear that the necessary buffer-zone may not be sufficient for the damage you are about to inflict on the toilet, requiring you turn on the sink full blast in order to dampen the sound.
Employee 1: "Dude, just rocked a monstrous sinker!"

Employee 2: "Oh snap, that poor lady with the weird eye and her office right next to the toilet! At least you have to courtesy to sinker it..."
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