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This person is the most nicest person you will ever meet. They'll be there for you no matter what and won't leave you if they say they won't. Sinh's can be annoying but can be cute. They like to keep fit but like to be smart at the same time. Don't ever let go of Sinh's cause they're the best people in the world. They're also very funny and fun.
- Girl doesn't reply for 3 minutes-
Sinh: Are you okay?
Girl: Yup
Sinh: Are you sure?
Girl: I'm fine
Sinh: Tell me... I'm worried
(blah, blah keep on going.)
#awesome #cool #funny #kind #nice
by shineeshineeshinee December 15, 2010
One of the worst acronyms in the history of mathematics, stands for hyperbolic sine. Only dickish math teachers teach things like this to their students just to confuse them. If your math teacher starts teaching you this and other hyperbolic stuff, expect the worst.
Math Teacher: "Ok now I'm going to teach you hyperbolic functions. Let's start by talking about sinh."
Student: "Someone get me a gun."
#sinch #cosh #calc #calculus #math #trig #mathematics
by AndyAlmostAverageD September 27, 2013
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