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Top 7 Singer Spills:
7 - Vanilla milkshake on monkey at the zoo

6 - Rootbeer float on Steve Hindman's lap

5 - Biting into a jelly donut in front of the Wayne coffe maker, and jelly spirted out all over the carpet in a high velocity stream

4 - Cheesecake spill on general Manager (Sandra Bond's) Lap

3 - Beer spilled on VP (Buyens) at Gino's Steaks

2 - 2/25/05 coffee on the desk accompanied by major cursing

1 - Nacho Cheese dip all over Simosik's carpet.
by Geoff Christ March 01, 2005
A spill of any liquid or food, especially a large spill that creates a major mess and leaves a stain. A singer spill is usually followed by an expletive spoken very loudly.
Dude, that Exxon Valdez was a friggin' singer spill.
by Not a singer February 28, 2005