Small industrial city and ghetto (LYNN,MA) 19m from north of Boston.
Lynn Lynn city of sin you don't go back the way you came in!
you ask for water they give you gin Lynn Lynn the city of sin. sincity
by grimey klient June 28, 2007
a place (usually a metropolitan area) that features attractions widely considered sinful, a label prominently given to Las Vegas, Nevada
Let me tell you, that place had the atmosphere of Sin City itself.
by The Return of Light Joker November 28, 2010
A movie about men who kick ass and get the girl. Hailed as a film noir masterpiece, mostly by peopel who have never seen any other movie that fits into that catagory.
"Did you see Sin City? It's fantastic, one of the best film noir movies I've ever seen?"
"Really? Better than Chinatown?"
"I said film noir, not Kung fu. Jeez!"
by JohnHarding March 26, 2008
The best damn strip club in New York
Damn son, I seen the fattest asses over at Sin City last night.
by BxWhat December 11, 2008
A Gang (mainly in Chicago). represented by a playboy bunny with one ear turned down.
i'm heading out to west chicago tonight to meet up with some sin city boys.
by e-bunny September 02, 2005
1. A movie that glorfies ultraviolence.

2. The most emo movie ever!
1. For example: the death scene with Marv and Kevin where the wolf eats off the legs.

2. Emo Kid: "this is Sin City *holds up DVD*. I've never seen the movie but it is still my favorite."
by xmercyxpersistencex October 14, 2006
1. if u like movies where people get hit by a car going 100 mph 4 times and dieing, getting shot 1000 times and not dieing, and having a thing for bandages this movie is for you.
2. i recommend seeing this movie just for the ladies. Jessica Alba is really hot mainly because she plays the role of a stripper who wants to fuck a 50 yr old guy. The way she dances will turn u on as it did for me.
John: yea sin city wasn't that realistic. everyone is invicible.
Jay: yea but jessica alba is damn fine in it. =)
by J 0 K A May 09, 2005
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