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si.mul.scus.sion sahy-muhl-skuhsh-uhn, noun.

A highly advanced form of conversation between two or more people involving simultaneously talking and listening; It is executed by comprehending what the other person said without the need to pause while listening, all the while retorting to the previous thing the other person said; effectively abolishing the rude connotations associated with interruption.
Simply put, a simulscussion is a revolutionary way to exacerbate the rudeness that stereotypically is associated with interruption. It's not interruption if you can keep up! Por ejemplo:

Bart: So where are you thinking we should grab some grub? What do you think of Chinese?
Rob (simultaneously): Man, I have this weird thing on my arm. Does it look infected to you?

In response (immediately thereafter):
Bart: Gross dude. You should really go have that checked out. I know this urgent care clinic not too far from here. You want me to take you?
Rob (simaltaneously): Hmmm I don't know I could kinda go for some Mexican... or maybe seafood. Definitely not trying to find those two things in the same place though. Hey, I know this place near the bay we could hit up. It's called Sharkie's. Maybe grab some beers too.

In response (again, immediately thereafter)
Bart: Yeah not interested in seafood from a cheap Mexican restaurant, haha. I'm down for this Sharkie's joint. Sounds pretty swank. Definitely down for some brewskies.
Rob (simaltaneously): Man I still haven't got health insurance. I'ma probably just take care of it myself.

In response (again, immediately thereafter)
Bart: Whoaaa dude, 3 o'clock! You see that chick?
Rob: (simaltaneously): So Sharkie's it is. You wanna invite Scotty or no?

In response (again, immediately thereafter)
Bart: Nah I called him before, said he had other stuff going on tonight.
Rob: Where at? Oh snap! Daaaamn.
by bun10nb0b June 30, 2010
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