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simran mean `s someone who is smart and cool . speacily nice
Also it mean god gift .
Tom : talk behind her back
Simran : i no u were talking behind my back but i don`t really care and still beiing nice
by heehaa October 30, 2008
Awesome in every way, crazy person, you will fall in love with. Sometimes quiet, but crazy sometimes. Positivity is what defines them. Hate being bound by responsibility. Awesome in general. Worth keeping them as a friend. Want a shoulder to cry on, get a Simran.
want to cry grab simran
by undercoveragent101 March 24, 2013
An attention seeking prostitute that can't speak english or spell correctly. The only thing she cando correctly is ride a dick.She is also a homo.
that girl over there is a total simran.
by kush mehtani February 18, 2016
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