Simp or S.I.M.P stands for: Someone Idolizing Mediocre Pussy.

1.)A man who thinks a woman with 2 or more bastard children is a high quality woman.
2.)A boy/man who lives with/off of a woman because of his weak position in life.
3.)A man who otherwise can't get a high quality woman so he speaks highly of(lies to) low class women(hoes, chicken heads, hoodrats, babbymammas) to increase his chances of having sex with them by mostly agreeing with them no matter how foolish they are.
4.) A man who thinks that fat, ugly, unattractive women are just as good or on the same level as any other woman.
5.)Bitch raised boy/man, with no fatherly influence. In his eyes all women are good no matter what, they do or say. A man who is beholden to women due to lack of intellect or common sense.
-Dude lives with a gal who has 2 kids by 2 different ni@@az, ya boy is a simp!
-He married a fat hoe with 3 babbydaddys, simpazz nicca.
Man/Simp: You can't call women bitches, you should treat all women like queens!
by Feelmoreslim July 03, 2014
A straight up melvin, a cockmaster, or a bitch. One who acts cool around his crew then turns around and is a complete bitchass with the women. He buys them shit, he tries to talk smack about his own gang, and he just want pussy from the bitches (which he won't cause the women know he a simp).
Dude 1: Dawg that boy Christopher is a complete simp, look at that nigga over there with Sue tryna get pussy

Dude 2: I know it; last week that nigga smoked that bitch Mildred out like 4 times for free, and he didn't even smoke til like a week ago. That man simpin for real.
by SimpKillersUnite September 27, 2010
An acronym for squirrels in my pants. This is a reference to a rap song from the popular children's T.V. Show Phineas and Ferb.
Tell me what's making you jump like that!

S.I.M.P., Squirrels in my pants!
by theevilkoopa October 26, 2009
(S)uckas - (I)dolizing - (M)ediocre - (P)ussy -- Basically someone who gives redundant and over the top attention to women that are of far less value than the attention or praise given. Usually the recipient of this praise is knowing of this and is taking full advantage knowing this fact.....Thus the term "sucka" is the main attribute and usually the results in the pending downfall of this kind of man.
This SIMP is acting a damn fool for these stupid ass hoes!
by DJ METAF4 May 18, 2015
-A person who fronts in front of his boys that he's not pussy whipped, but when he's with his girl, he drops the homies and hang out with his girl all day... Buying her everything, dissing the homies when they call, cupcaking all day, and just not doing anything but being with his girl.
Man that dude Bora Chom is the biggest Simp in simp history, never picking up his call and dissing his homies.
by Rigoberto Nazariya April 15, 2011
a dude gettin played 4 his chips by female and /or lets her

walk all ova cuz his sprung off da pussy.

a nigga gettin pimped by bitch .
dat simp ass succer you C n da club tryna fight ova a broad

dat dont wanna be wit him.
by MAC^ MAC^ October 05, 2006
The essence of a simpleton. The word has been simplified to the point where even the simpleton can grasp the concept of their own simpleness.
Farley, you simp.
You're such a simp.
by Big Gary January 13, 2007

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