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The currency used in the popular "Sims" series of computer games by Maxis / Electronic Arts.

The § symbol is used to define the currency. The § symbol appears in place of $ when typed within the game when using a standard keyboard.

A simolean is presumably made up of 100 'somethings' but I do not believe that the fraction has ever been given a name. Simcent or Simolette perhaps?
That pink flamingo is worth §7 if you buy them in bulk.

Woohoo I just got §564 for a large supreme pizza.
A fictional currency used in some Maxis games, represented by the legal "subsection symbol," "§".

It is, perhaps, a reference to a Neal Stephenson short story, The Great Simoleon Caper, in which an online currency is developed called the Simoleon for use in "the Metaverse," a virtual, networked reality, as established in Stephenson's oeuvre.

It may simply be a reference, however, to an uncommon colloquialism.
I typed in "rosebud" into the cheat console and got a whole bunch of simoleans.
by The Grizzled Boor January 04, 2012
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