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To get simobiled. To lose reception on your cell phone or to not have any at all.

You are being simobiled, when having a phone call with someone on the, but not limited to, mobile network and your call gets dropped.

The expresion can be used in various situations where someone gets dropped, dumped, or gets out of touch with someone.

Due to incredible lack of quality and poor simobil mobile connection, placing calls is almost imposible without troubles, so the expresion simobiled came in to wide use.
Jenny: Hi, honey. How you're doing?
Tom: Fine, so great to hear you again.
Jenny: Tom? Hello! ..
Tom: What? Sorry, I can't hear you. Are you..
Jenny: Can you hear me. What?
Tom: Hello.. Yes I can hear you now. Hello..
Jenny: Yes. I was saying..
Tom: Jenny? Are you there..
Jenny: Hello. I can't hear..
/the line drops/
Tom: For fuck sake, we got simobiled again.

2. His girl friend was messing around so he simobiled her!

3. The company needed to cut costs so they simobiled 3000 workers.

4. Sorry, I can't check my email, I have no data connection. They simobiled me again!!

5. After the second round of their box fight, he got simobiled out.
by A040113 January 04, 2013

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