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to relax, chill out and take it easy.
"Jessica, just needs to simmer."
"I might just simmer at home tonight."
"Just simmer down."
by GStylls May 15, 2006
101 15
To cook over low-heat!
What temperature are you cooking the chicken and dumplings?
I am letting it simmer!
Oh, so you are cooking it slowly over low-heat!
by david faustino May 12, 2012
87 3
Calm the fuck down.
Man, Alanna really needs to simmer. she's spazzing on everyone.
by Khenry September 12, 2010
41 10
To post a status or a comment on facebook or social media websites, which deliberately criticizes people in a subtle way, so that they will inevitably get offended and start blasting you with aggressive replies. You let the comment simmer... cause sometimes during high tide, a well-placed, smart arsed comment can attract a lot of defensive feedback.
Zena wants to let her comments simmer, so she lays the bait by posting "What do women get from plucking their eyebrows out and drawing them in?" or "Some men think they are God's gift to all of womankind."

Other examples: "Why do unemployed women get pregnant to losers?"
"Why do those people not moisturize their skin, they're so ashy!"
"If you don't support my cause, kindly hang yourself."
by Shadia11 December 31, 2013
3 0
One who loves to play any of The Sims games.
Mike loves to play The Sims 2. He's a simmer.

Mike has all the expansion packs. He's a true simmer.
by pixiedoopz September 19, 2008
37 35
To desperately need a cigarette
Mike and Geast have been simmerin all day! Someone should give them a cigarette !!
by Simmerrrrrr September 29, 2011
7 12
To let something slowly "cook" in your mind.
She let thoughts of him slowly simmer in her mind.
by Angie Pangie September 18, 2005
25 32