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Virtual Air Traffic Simulation. A hobbyist organisation for Flight Simulation Enthusiasts to fly a multiplayer online session with air traffic controll provided by enthusiasts using a Simulated Radar Air Traffic Controll screen called ASRC. All participants on the network can see each other, even with theoretically all 70,000 users online at once. All users can see and interact with each other and use voice client software to communicate with Air Traffic Controll in THE most realistic Air Traffic Environment without being airborne.
I fired up my Flightsim, Filed a Flightplan for Vatsim and logged on. Soon requested clearance from LAX to San Fransisco... I was number 3 in cue. after recieving Clearance I was told to contact Ground Controll on 119.95 and so I did, The taxi out to the runway was cool, we were behind a Southwest 737 most of the way, and a United 767 was in front of him. Southwest was on his way to Las Vegas, and the 767 was headed out to Seattle. Eventually we were handed to Tower controll who cleared us for takeoff on runway 24L. Airborne we contacted SO-CAL departures and were given a climb to Flight Level 200. My Speed Restriction was cancelled below 10,000 feet and I was cleared direct to the Ventura VOR Navaid. Apparently an American Airlines 737 was behind us headed for San Fransisco also. We heard him get a vector to maintain a heading of 200 and a climb to 13,000 feet, and a requirement to maintain 250 knots on climb. Flying Flightsim on VATSIM is amazingly realistic, fun, and educational.
by Trent Hopkinson June 04, 2005
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