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A person who is extremely good with words. They are able to use their words to charm just about anyone into anything.
Girl 1: "I totally agreed to a date with that hidious guy last night."

Girl 2: "Why on earth would you do that?!?!"

Girl 1: "I don't know, we were talking and before I knew it We had plans for saturday."

Girl 3: "Oh you have had a run in with a silvertounge, just skip out on the date and refrain from talking to him again."
by naimad44 January 24, 2010
to be given oral sex from someone with a tounge percing.
guy 1 my Katie just got her tounge peirced first thing she did was drop to her knees and silver tounged me.

guy 2 SWEEEET!
by tigris186 September 14, 2010
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