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Silvertide...seems strange to be the first to do a definition of Silvertide, as they're going to be the biggest band in the world in a few months time.

from Northeast Philadelphia, Walt Lafty - lead singer, Nick Perry - insane lead guitar, Mark Melchiorre - rhythm guitar, Brian Weaver - bass, and Kevin Frank - the dude drummer.

they will change the live rock music show, and re-introduce classic rock to everyone. their debut album 'show'n'tell' is out soon, and will rock the rock scene with such songs as 'Mary Jane', 'blue jeans' and 'ain't coming home'.

played the metro club in London and tore the place up! they all signed the set list I ripped from an amp, all of them are so down to earth and great guys - and didnt even blink when mentioning supporting Van Halen around America - go to the website and listen.
by swifty July 28, 2004
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The best band ever!...nuff said
Silvertide is the best band ever!
by Misduh Bones December 13, 2005

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