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A primitive insect with a silvery, iridescent body, found living in damp or rotting wood. Silverfish are often associated, like roaches, with squalor, tenement living, and general poverty.
"Oh my God," Mary exclaimed, "the bathroom is practically swarming with silverfish."
by Rod Brock July 27, 2006
The worst longboarding internet forum in existence. What was once a place to go and learn about an upcoming sport has turned into a dive; where teenage douche bags convene to bitch and moan about how monumentally expensive a new set of wheels are.
Average SilverFish member (Teenage Douche) - "I was about to use my moms credit card to order some FlyWheels but Abec 11 increased the price by four dollars. I'm not even joking, the manufacturers screw me over every chance they get."

Endangered SilverFish Minority (Logical Young Professional) - "Shut the fuck up you ungrateful bitch. No one is asking you to longboard. In my day I earned half as much, yet I still managed to afford an ounce of headies every month."
by Fuck You and Go Fuck Yourself February 08, 2010
used condom, espc. one seen floating in a river.
I saw a school of silverfish in the Hudson River. Must have been a lot of action last night.
by ska May 20, 2004
a disgusting bug that eats wood. about an inch long and generally frightening appearance. Seen frequently in run-down houses and don't pay rent.
there's a silverfish crawling up your fuckin wall!
by bobfollow December 08, 2010
An old guy that dates young women
Hey look at the silver fish over there with the hottie. He must have money
by BJS1 September 13, 2007
A sleazy man with silver hair.
There was a silverfish cruising me at the bar all night.
by Ryan November 27, 2004
A granny, silver haired cougar, etc., who hits on younger guys in the attmept to get sex with a young stud.
I was at the home visiting my nana on Tuesday and as I was walking the hall to leave, a silverfish was chatting me up, hitting on me. I ended up banging her in the laundry room.
by Catagnus May 02, 2016
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