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A dance done by stupid girls which involves one finger poking the left side of face and another finger poking right side of face while simultaneously screaming "Silly! Filly!" in a high-pitched shrill voice. Usually done by people with the need to advertise their stupidity.
girl one: "OMG!" A bird!
girl two: "This calls for the Silly Filly!"
by alienhead99 June 28, 2009
A purposeless interpretive dance involving finger-to-cheek pokes done by girls. This dance is aimed to further prove the dancers' inane and insignificant existence. It is uselessness at its worst.
Girl 1: Uhh, uhh break it down! Silly it, filly it!
Girl 2: Silly filly!!!!!
Girl 1: Bob! Do the silly filly!
Bob: (walks away)
by headbandgirls June 30, 2009