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1. A toy that is a bright-colored ball of soft, moldable, rubber-like material. Comes in a plastic egg shell container. It was 'accidentally' invented when ppl tried to find a substitute for rubber.
2. The best stress-reliever. period.
I can't live without squeeezing my silly putty everyday.
by thecarcass54 January 11, 2006
silly putty is tight.u can do cool stuff with it like bouce it and stretch it.the color changing kind is tthe killerest though.
Me: I just got some silly putty!"
by Will January 08, 2005
The term for male ejaculate when it lands in someone's eye.
Clegg shrieked like a girl when his eye stung from a money shot of silly putty.
by EJJ April 27, 2007
When you take your sack and stretch it to cover a girls face, similar to silly putty
Dude, so I met this chick, and we went back to my crib, but her face wasn't lookin right, so I had to silly putty her.
by CDUNKMTOWN August 24, 2008
A euphemism for merconium. Immediately after a baby is born, the first few shits he makes is full of merconium which is nearly like messy, nasty, sticky, gooey tar. Thus, "silly putty".
When Frank opened the diaper, silly putty leaked out on his shirt. Yuck!
by Frank Klaune January 24, 2005
A kind of clay in an egg. I hate it so much because it smells and tastes like $#!T and it's so hard to open.
Silly Putty is gay.
by Kelly Wang July 18, 2003
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