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the name of David... who exists as long as he loves &cherishs silly roo
silly poo and silly roo spent the night together last night, and it was hot.
by robyn March 16, 2005
6 13
aka May Shuk Kwan Leung, whose silly sense of humour and makes her irresistibly charming!
Silly Poo and SillyPooToo went on a wild three-day trip to Mr. Pipe's cottage in the woods.
by SillyPooToo August 23, 2008
3 8
katie playing golf online with her bro oliver, oddly named sillypoo even though she won
'I win' says katie. 'yes, but you are a sillypoo' says oliver
by katie (not sillypoo) October 18, 2003
0 5