Stands for Scam i'd like to forget.
"I hate that 9-year old who told me he was a midget! I had sex with a minor! That is one hell of a silf!"
by ub3r1337 July 16, 2006
Top Definition
Sandwich I'd Like To Fuck
That sub at Quizno's is a SILF.
by Freakinhuge May 08, 2006
Sister I would like to fuck.
much like Milf, Gilf, Dilf(dad),Dilf (dog),Dilf(donkey)Cilf(child),Bilf,Cilf(cat)or any other farm animal.
Person 1:OH MY GOD, look at that chick.What a SILF.
Person 2: Dude, thats YOUR sister. That's nasty.
Person 1: It's called SILF for a reason dude. DUUU
by ill bang ur sister! December 08, 2004
Site I'd Like to Fuck
UrbanDictionary is SILF
by An0nymous..... June 07, 2009
Shirt I'd Like to Fuck
"BustedTees aint SILF..."
by An0nymous..... June 07, 2009
sister i'd like to fuck

(same concept as milf)
that silf lives in your house?!?
by Spyder January 05, 2003
Sheep I'd Like To Fuck

Commonly Used in Wales
Welsh Farmer: oh, thats a mighty fine sheep
Welsh Farmer b: yes it is a silf.
by ROBERT SAVAGE July 08, 2006
Sandwich I'd Like To Fuck

A Sandwich made so perfectly one would be able to fornicate with previously mentioned sandwich.
"Oh man, that was such a good sandwich I'd basically call that a S.I.L.F."

Guy 1: "dude I just had the best S.I.L.F."
Guy 2: "What?"
by JoJo Martinez September 29, 2006
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