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a surreal party experience where (usually due to noise curfews) the music is pumped through distributed wireless headphones instead of the speakers. a crazy sight to behold, even crazier to partake in.
bonnaroo's silent disco was baller fun-even for the people who gathered round to watch us whilin out to the music only we could hear
by senor frog February 13, 2006
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This term was originally used to name an event in which a group of people all rock out to the same song playing on headphones. However, onlookers cannot hear the song in the headphones and therefore, the group looks ridiculous. While participating in a silent disco, if you turn off/take off your headphones, you can hear everyone messing up the words to that particular song. Therefore, this phrase NOW refers to someone completely messing up the words to a song, but are convinced that they know them, and therefore, persevere.
Joan: "R-E-S-P-E-C-T camelbacks in PNC."
Rick: "Shit, you totally just Silent Disco-ed that song."
by JDawg$ February 12, 2009
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The act of masturbation. It is referenced by the noise one makes while in the act.
Eddie : "Where's Petey been?'

Robness: "I dunno actually, he might be partaking in a silent disco..........just give him a couple more minutes. The last stripper ripped him off last night."
by Sung "Dragonball" Moon March 11, 2013
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