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private server community with skillcapes and other newer runescape 2 items, so it owns mopar servers
Kenneth: Hey keegan, u tried silabs?

Keegan:No i play mopar

by r0flc0pt3rz March 01, 2008
Silab is a new and secret way of saying "gay". A couple kids seen a site made by Miss Silabsoft. Now the definition was made as they thought her site was gay.Silab can be taken in all differnt negative ways. This could also mean stupid, crappy, slutty, or my favorite whack! There is also a online book with this and more on the hidden language!
Gay,Stupid,Whack "Man, that movie was silab"

Slutty,Whack/Whore "That girl is such a silab" "That fucking silab ran!"
by M3dalz May 20, 2008