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sunglasses, shades, stunnas.
jeezy- "you ever made love in the club with a thug with his sights on?"
by manny333 April 08, 2008
Saying "you sight?" means "You know what I mean?"
Your mom's a bare cunt, ya sight.
by Michael Goodrich December 06, 2006
Understanding, to comprehend

to agree
jah loves all, sight?
by wayne pitman September 27, 2007
A vision, how a mind sees the world.
Ganja has restored my sight. It has given me a new vision upon the world.
by foo November 10, 2003
S'ight: (noun) -

The contraction of "It's all right" or "Is It all right?" into a more regular form.

This abbreviation contains many applicable contexts and is often used to express a feeling of calm, or more commonly as a rhetorical device, in an attempt to cool a situation.

Note When placed after a pronoun the term is changed to fit the situation - shown in example 2
Example 1:

Guy 1: "Did you use my vibrator!?"
Guy 2: "Woh woh man chill, s'ight innit?"

Example 2:

Guy 1: "Heard you went to Paris the other day...any good?"
Guy 2: "Mmm...it's s'ight...bit shit"
by Oakwood Smiley August 02, 2011
1. A one's vision.
2. An Area one can view.
1. Oh no! Suzy's hit in her eyes and has lost her sight!!
2. Yes Sir! No enemy in my sight.
by Unknown November 10, 2003