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Tell a girl it's your fantasy to lay pipe from behind with her tits pressed up against a window. During the magic act, grab a handful of hair and force her nose into the glass, keeping her head straight and her face gazing stupidly out the window. Tell her you're gonna finish off balls deep in her ass and pull out giving her a brisk slap on the ass. Now instead of you putting your dick in her ass, have your buddy who was on stand by, jerking off in a dark corner of the room, violate her rubber cheerio and take your place. Then walk outside in front of the window and wave to her. How could one not be impressed by this magic trick?

by Anonymous January 31, 2003
The hand in Texas Hold-em Poker that occurs when the hole cards consist of two Queens.
I won big on that last hand because I had Sigfried and Roy in the hole.
by fetmeister April 11, 2009
During sexual intercourse from the posterior or doggy style, you angle your partner towards a window facing the outside preferably near a walkway or road. To initiate you disengage intercourse for a brief moment, to allow a hidden back up mate to engage intercourse quietly in your place. Then you proceed to leave and aquire a position below the window outside to wave at your prior partner as you leave. Its magically.
Guy 1: We totaly pulled a Sigfried and Roy last night, but i get the feeling she wont call me back after that. Guy2: lol well she called me back.
by budzac August 31, 2011
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