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Analogous to the vagina--may be used in the context of an extremely loose (sloppy) vagina.
With all the cock that girl swallows, it's no wonder she's got a sideways sloppy-joe.
by Shane December 09, 2004
258 27
Noun. 1.vagina.
Stephen likes to eat Heather's sideways sloppy joe.
by stephen ramey May 15, 2004
293 26
See whisker Biscuit, Bearded Clam or Tuna Taco. Also Vagina
He ordered up a big helping of her sideways sloppyjoe and then had to wipe his mouth
by David November 08, 2003
314 61
see vagina
that chick has a sideways sloppy joe
by cigaray January 02, 2009
286 36
a name for a girls vagina
last night i ate the best sideways sloppy joe ever
by j7j February 27, 2010
130 20
clitoris, pussy, etc.
I could really go for a slideways sloppy joe or a tuna casserole....pink taco?
by Bean August 15, 2003
8 5