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Analogous to the vagina--may be used in the context of an extremely loose (sloppy) vagina.
With all the cock that girl swallows, it's no wonder she's got a sideways sloppy-joe.
by Shane December 09, 2004
Noun. 1.vagina.
Stephen likes to eat Heather's sideways sloppy joe.
by stephen ramey May 15, 2004
see vagina
that chick has a sideways sloppy joe
by cigaray January 02, 2009
a name for a girls vagina
last night i ate the best sideways sloppy joe ever
by j7j February 27, 2010
clitoris, pussy, etc.
I could really go for a slideways sloppy joe or a tuna casserole....pink taco?
by Bean August 15, 2003
See whisker Biscuit, Bearded Clam or Tuna Taco. Also Vagina
He ordered up a big helping of her sideways sloppyjoe and then had to wipe his mouth
by David November 08, 2003