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1. Using a Nokia N-Gage as a cell phone, thus appearing to hold a sideways taco to one's face.

2. Mimicing the use of a Nokia N-Gage as a cell phone.

3. Holding anything up to your face sideways and talking into it.
I was sidetalking when I held that Super NES up to my face sideways and took a picture of myself talking into it.
by The Sound Guy November 03, 2003
Adj. The act of talking on your phone while holding it sideways. Started by the Nokia n-gage, where the phone had to be held in a "taco-like" style in order to talk on it due to he fact that the mic and reciever were located on the top side of the phone
Ex. of a side-talker Side-Talking.
Side-Talker: Hold up man I got a call coming in
*takes out phone

Non Side-talker: Is that the N-gage?

*Holds phone up to ear in a sideways fashion

Non Side-talker:...................... what the fuck?!
by NOM NOM NOM HAPPYFACE August 05, 2009
it's what you do with a Nokia N-Gage. you talk in it's side!
thank god i got the sidetalking feature on my n-gage. otherwise the screen would keep getting nasty from my face grease.
by bessie31 April 25, 2011

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