Anything that is next to something else. Same as side-by-side, but this really annoys perfectionists and those who depend on straight-line logic.
Me and this young punk were driving down the interstate side-by-each at 90 miles per hour.
by TeachingT July 21, 2006
Top Definition
two or more objects next to each other side by side Rhode Island slang
We walked down the street side by each.
by Mike October 26, 2004
Refers to two objects that are aligned beside each other also known as Side-by-Side. Others have stated that it is used in Rhode Island, it is also prevelant in Newfoundland and Quebec and I beleive would be likely to be encountered through many east coast fishing communities.
It would be interesting to know if this originated from the French or Irish or through the Acadians.
Waitress, Can I hav' two eggs, side-by-each...and don't break the sunshine. (Two eggs, sunny side up)

I was out back and saw these two moose side-by-each, I turned to get my gun and when I looked back dere-dey-were...gone!
by Goodbye_Charlie October 11, 2013
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