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a sideways vagina, most commonly found on asian prostitutes.
Back in Nam, I had sex with a girl, but she had a side vag!
by sara[h]lizzz July 10, 2006
3 13
An alternate vag option. Some will have many side vages whilst others may have none.
Yo Tony, I'm tired of my primary vag, but I'm so throat deep in side vag I don't know which one to pound.
by Inbread December 15, 2009
5 2
(noun) Common abbreviation of side vagina. This condition occurs when a girl's pants are too tight and as a result her nether lips are plainly visible at distance through the fabric.

Syn: camel toe
Damn, look at that bitch, she has enough sidevag to be the Grand Canyon!

Man, I gotta get me some of her sidevag!

Girl 1: How do these pants look on me?

Girl 2: Ummm... you totally have some sidevag going on.

Girl 1: Well shit, maybe I will actually get laid tonight now!
by MisterJakey April 04, 2009
2 1