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when someone hits the side of your car and you didn't see it coming
Robby got side swiped by a lady running a red light.
by bratty boy November 17, 2004
when your friend tells you theres a chick visiting and you head to his house to meet her and the first glance of the female specimen causes your head to snap back in pain and one more for disgust.
indian guy - hey jimmy, come by the crib i want you to meet this chick

(1 hour later jimmy is in the hospital with neck injuries)

Jimmy - damn dat chick side swiped me
by DiaztheOG September 12, 2010
When a guy feels like he was just hit by a car because his girlfriend that he thought was just a casual relationship wants him to tell her he loves her, and or she tells him that she wants to get married.
Bob really got sideswiped last night when Tina told him that she wanted to get married. I feel bad for the guy, but oh well he's pussy whipped anyway.
by Soaren Nidabroht December 01, 2010
When walking along by yourself, and someone tackles you and takes your clothes off. This is usually what happens following 'a drive by'. (see drive by)
Jenny gave Kevin a drive by and then thought she was in the clear and then BAM! She was side swiped by Kevin.
by K. Ferrara May 27, 2008
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