The cheese that is falling off a slice of pizza due to a sloppy cut. Often it's easy to rip this off and eat it straight.
Dogg, lemme get your side cheese.

Sorry bro, I already gave it to that guy over there.
by mistamattk March 08, 2007
Top Definition
The cheese on a slice of pizza that hangs off the side. This is usually easy to tear off, because it was half-cut by the pizza cutter. Side cheese is usually asked for by people without food.
Spencer: Zach, let me get some side cheese, I'm starving.
Zach: Sorry, already gave it to Matt.
by HOBS09 March 06, 2007
In Golf, side bets players set up with other players or teams. Can be used in tournament play as well as individual players in a foursome.
Derek bet Steve $100 in side cheese that his team would beat Steve's team.
by dprn August 30, 2010
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