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3 definitions by HOBS09

The cheese on a slice of pizza that hangs off the side. This is usually easy to tear off, because it was half-cut by the pizza cutter. Side cheese is usually asked for by people without food.
Spencer: Zach, let me get some side cheese, I'm starving.
Zach: Sorry, already gave it to Matt.
by HOBS09 March 06, 2007
1. Any moment when you feel like jesus.

2. When you think of somthing happening, and then it happens.
"Whoa, I just thought about that building collapsing, and then it did!"

"Dude, you had a jesus moment"

"I must be jesus"
by HOBS09 November 11, 2006
1. a police officer

2. any other person everyone loves to hate
God damn, that pigsta is muggin hardcore
by HOBS09 September 24, 2007